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Chailey Common cattle grazing

Cattle have just moved onto Pound, Memorial & Romany Ridge Commons, as of 21st April 2023.

Please let me know if any are signs are missing. Please also report any issues with gates or fences to me by email. If there are any problems with the cattle, please report this to the farmer directly on 07710 031820. And a reminder that fly-tipping is dealt with by Lewes District Council along with litter, dog nuisance, car parks or bins – please contact them directly here:

Please keep dogs under control so they don’t chase or worry the livestock. Dog fouling is still an issue – and Neospora is a parasite that causes cattle to abort calves. Please clean up after dogs and don’t allow them into the cattle troughs - this water is for drinking only.

Many thanks,

Andy Mitchell

Countryside Officer, Rights of Way & Countryside

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